Shimano WH-7850-SL

Shimano WH-7850-SL
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If you have the money, they are a safe bet for a good set of light race wheels.

The 2009 Dura-Ace offering form Shimano are the WH-7850-SL wheels. They have been upgraded to drop the weight down to 650g (front) and 870g (rear) making them a super light offering. This is achieved by using the Shimano Dura-Ace 10 speed hub that has a titanium freehub, as well as having hub mounted nipples also saving a few grams. Another interesting feature of these feather weight contenders is that they can be used with tubeless and standard tyres. The rim height has been changed to 26mm front and 24mm rear to also help with the weight as well as the aerodynamics and strength.

Out on the road these are super quiet and very smooth, but that’s what we have come to expect from top of the line Dura-Ace hubs. We did find that the first fitting of tubeless tyres was not the easiest but was finally achieved, but these wheels have the advantage that if you get a flat you can always just put a tube in, which is a nice feature.

As expected, they are very stiff and responsive – no complaints from us at all and the price is reasonable for what you get. The performance is fantastic and they are super light.

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