Shimano SH-R151 shoes

Shimano SH-R151
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Good shoes but miss the ratchet buckle

These shoes come with a carbon-fiber sole that has hollow channels that help them keep super stiff but save on weight.  They have a molded toe and heel cup that has venting in it and three straps to keep your foot in place.

We think these shoes look great so we put them to the test out on the road. As they are LOOK pedal compatible we left or LOOK peddles on. When we put them on they were comfy and the sole defiantly felt stiff. Out on the road they gave a nice sold responsive feel. After about 15Km we found they started to pinching slightly but anyone with a wide foot can go for the roomier ‘E’ version.
We liked the shoes and to get carbon soles for the price you can’t complain, they are super stiff.  We would have preferred a better buckle thought as these just feature Velcro straps – what can we say we prefer ratchet buckles.

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