KCNC CB1 Brake Callipers

KCNC CB1 Brake Callipers
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Overall a good set of very light breaks available for around £169.99, but they do need looking at regularly to keep them working at their best.

With standard callipers form Shimano and Campagnolo having advanced greatly to offer much better breaking, it leaves the main reason for upgrading down to weight. Saving weight is where the KCNC Callipers really shine. Their design is very distinctive following KCNC’s desire to produce very high quality CNC machined parts.

An exotic mix of aluminium, scandium and titanium has helped to bring the weight right down to around 82g (around half that of the DuraAce callipers). They have quite a unique pivot system to allow equal breaking on each side as well as a quick release leaver to allow you to get the wheels out fast.

The breaking performance does seem adequate in both the wet and dry but they are missing a bit of bite when breaking very hard. They do also have quite a lot of visible flex but this is the trade off for saving the weight.

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