CycleOps SuperMagento Pro turbo trainer

CycleOps SuperMagento Pro turbo trainer
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Overall this is a great unit, it’s quieter than a lot we have used and the big bonus is that it feels very smooth. If they added a remote control for the resistance it would be even better.

Lets face it turbo trainers might be boring but they beat having to go out in the cold dark rain, so here is one of the latest offerings from CycleOps. This one is part of a range of three recently released by CycleOps who have been a leading name in turbo trainers for some time now.

This is sold as a straight out of the box solution with no need for spanners to assemble or adjust. This makes it very user friendly and quick to get going. The bike can be clamped in quickly thanks to the new quick-lock cam lever which is easier to use than older models. The whole thing feels very solid and stable it has an adjustable foot on the front left leg that accommodates wonky floors.

The resistance settings are also very impressive – there are four to choose from and moving between them there is a definite change. Adjustment is done on the side of the unit so cannot be done while in use.

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